A modern clean burning wood fire is still the best form of home heating. Without doubt, a wood fire is still the most affordable way to heat your entire home, using a renewable, readily available and environment friendly carbon neutral fuel source. Just the thought of a wood fire makes you feel warm inside. The crackle of the wood burning, watching the hypnotic dancing of the flames, everything about a real wood fire is satisfying. Am I allowed to install a wood fire? – YES !!! This is the most common question we get asked in our stores. Unfortunately, due to a lot of mis-information and confusing comments a lot of people believe they now are not allowed to install a wood fire in their homes today. Whilst some local council regulations may reduce the model options, throughout most of New Zealand you are still able to install a modern clean burning wood fire in your home. In general, properties that are under two hectares will require a wood fire that complies with a the higher efficiency & lower emission standards.