Outdoor Cleaner 2.5ltr Refill

Simple Green Outdoor Cleaner 2.5ltr RTU Refill. Simple Green Outdoor Cleaner penetrates the surface and loosens the dirt the biologicals are growing in.  Once loose they are easily removed with a scrub or a strong wash down. You can also leave it and let nature do the rest. Simple Green Outdoor Cleaner can be used on:  Timber decks, fences, walls, driveways, footpaths, pavers, cobblestones, brick, external stairs, outdoor furniture, sunshades and any washable exterior surfaces. Under normal household use, product will not harm septic systems. Simple Green Outdoor Cleaner comes in a 100% Recyclable bottle, it is a Biodegradable Formula without Bleach, Acids or Caustics.
  • Concentrate Outdoor Cleaner
  • 2.5 Litre refill pack


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