Honda Brushcutters

Honda Brushcutters

Honda's range of Brushcutters powered by the mini 4 stroke generation 2 engine offer advanced technology, that will out perform the rest. The 360 degree fully inclinable engine offers reduced fuel consumption along with very low noise levels. 4 stroke - no more messy fuel mixing hassels.

Honda UMK425 Loop
Price: $ 499.00

The UMK425 loop is a powerful yet easy to use trimmer. With its tap & go cutting head it will make short work of weeds and grass. A solid steel drive shaft means optional blades can be fitted for cutting regrowth and out of control weeds.

Honda UMK435 Loop
Price: $ 599.00

The UMK435 loop is a more powerful trimmer, yet still easy to use. With its tap & go cutting head it will make short work of weeds and grass and the steel 4 tooth blade also supplied can cut regrowth down to size. Ideal for large properties. The Honda GX35 engine is very quiet and incredibly easy to start. 

Honda UMK435 Bull
Price: $ 699.00

Somthing for the serious user. This Honda brushcutter with the powerful 35cc mini 4 stroke engine will make short work of heavy scrub. The bull bar style handles give the operator good control and full harness help support the machine and reduce fatigue. Environmentally friendly with low emissions, less noise and low fuel consumption.

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