Man has always relied on wood as a source of for heating and cooking. The fires were dirty and inefficient, but how things have changed. Modern wood fires use less fuel, burn cleaner and can provide whole house heating at a cost that is less than most other forms of fuel. Simply put, today burning wood is a sound environmental choice. As most wood for home fires comes from pruning and waste sources, burning this wood generates no more carbon dioxide than if the wood were left to rot. Good forest management and replanting ensures plentiful supply of this truly green & renewable fuel source.

Tip on wood as a fuel supply …

  • Only burn dry wood.
  • Avoid using salt borne drift wood and treated timbers at all cost.
  • Plan ahead – Stock up well in advance and store your wood in a dry well ventilated shed that can hold two seasons of wood.
  • If you do have to purchase wood, avoid buying during the winter period as most suppliers have depleted their supply of good dry wood.
  • Soft woods like pine dry quicker than harder woods like gum and macrocarpa which can take up to two years to dry properly.
  • Be on the lookout all the time for a neighbour or council trimming a tree. If they do not need the wood, then collect and stack for the next season. If you continually are collecting wood, there should be no need to buy wood. This really does make wood a exceptionally low cost heating source.

Remember … Wood is Good!