LawnMaster Estate 400 Lawnmower

LawnMaster Estate 400 Lawnmower

The LawnMaster Estate 400 Lawnmower is New Zealand designed for New Zealand conditions. Built with a strong rust free alloy body and powered with a reliable NP150 OHV engine, this mower is ideal for the ideal for smaller to average sized kiwi property. It is fitted with 8" dual bearing wheels on both the front and back. The flail blades are mounted on a strong cutting disc and the built in grass deflector allows you to mow without the catcher. Grasslands Ranui will assemble, fuel, oil & test the new mower. We also offer a free first service after the initial hours of use. All this to ensure you get best value and performance form your new LawnMaster Estate 400 Lawnmower.

New Zealand designed for New Zealand conditions

  • LawnMaster 149cc OHV engine
  • 18" (460mm) alloy body
  • Cut, catch & spread included
  • 8" bearinged wheels
  • ¬†Designed in new Zealand
  • ¬†5 year domestic warranty

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