Twin Grill with Trolley in Chilli Red

Ziegler Brown Twin Grill with Trolley in Chilli Red

The Twin Grill with Trolley in Chilli Red from Ziegler & Brown is a more powerful BBQ from the Ziggy family. The twin grill has loads of space to cook a larger meal. When you are ready to cook up a feast, the powerful individually controlled twin 9.0kj/h stainless burners have the power to delivery a variety of tasty meals. With a large range of optional grills, hot plates and trivets to choose from, your Ziegler & Brown Twin Grill in Chilli Red is even more versatile.
We suggest you also purchase a copy of the Ziegler & Brown "Modern Barbeque" cook book with this package. This is a stunning cook book offering over 70 recipes to grill, roast, smoke, bake, simmer and fry on your Ziggy and how to use the large range of accessories. Treat your family to classics with a modern twist like Smoky Ribs, Saucy Stews, a Gourmet Pizza or Lip smacking Burgers!
  • Twin stainless steel burners
  • Powerful 9.0mj/h output
  • Cast aluminium roasting hood
  • Cast alloy BBQ firebox
  • 2 x enamelled cast iron grills
  • 2 x flame thrower ignitions
  • 5 Year warranty


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