Honda UMK435L brushcutter

Honda UMK435L brushcutter.

The Honda UMK435L brushcutter, Power, Performance, Easy start, Smooth running, it must be a Honda. Powered by the GX35 generation 2 mini 4-stroke engine this machine will do some serious work. It is environmentally friendly & there is no messy fuel mixing. This machine has less noise & uses less fuel the the equivalent 2 stroke. Ideal for serious gardeners & contractors looking for a quality, easy to use & reliable scrub cutter. Grasslands will assemble, fuel, oil & test run you new machine. We also offer a free service after the initial hours of use. This ensures you will get best Value & performance from your new Honda UMK435L brushcutter.

 Honda 4 stroke - the future is here now!

  • 35cc generation2 Honda 4 stroke engine
  • Effortless starting
  • Easy grip loop handle
  • Solid drive shaft & anti vibration mounts
  • HD tap & go head
  • Goggles & harness included


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