Ziegler & Brown Reversible Half Hotplate (Portable Grill)

Ziegler & Brown Reversible Half Hotplate (Portable Grill)

Expand you’re your little Ziggy’s culinary capabilities with this Half hotplate. Made of cast aluminium with a durable non-stick coating, these Half hotplates are lightweight and non-rusting - perfect for versatile grilling on the go. Use one piece on top of the existing grill or two pieces in place of the existing grill. With one side smooth and one side griddle, you can prepare fluffy pancakes for breakfast then grill freshly-caught fish for lunch. Most importantly these hotplates are easy to clean; whether you’re washing by hand around the campsite or popping them in the dishwasher at home.
  • Lightweight cast aluminium
  • Reversible - One side smooth, one side griddle
  • Use on top of the full grill or replace the grill with two half hotplates side by side
  • Easy to clean non-stick coating


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